Topiary Frames

Members of The Railton and Districts Development Association, Railton Topiary Group and members of the community have been busy constructing frames free of charge for Railton residents since July 2006.  The members and friends get together on Monday evenings in a shed and construct the frames, and over some reds & whites and good home cooking (everyone brings a plate and drinks) the frame making takes shape.

Frames are constructed from wire, to give a guide to shaping the plants as they grow, however for Railton’s purposes it also is so that visitors can see what the item will be when finished, and to encourage return visitation to see how the topiary progresses from start to finish.  The frames are made using a spot welder and the joins are painted with a Silver Gal (anti-rust) paint.

Rodney and Beaui putting the finishing touches on the bull.

Neil and Beaui working on the man picking up potatoes.

The horse and rider takes shape.

Frames made by the group to date include a T-Rex, Girl Guide Symbol at the Girl Guide Hall, A Wren, Horse & Rider, Fisherman, Shepherd, Kangaroo, Alpaca, Cat, Bull, Giraffe, a Man picking up spuds, Kookaburra, Guitar, Micky & Minny Mouse, Koala in a tree, Bumble Bee and an Indian Chief – just to name a few – and all constructed on a large scale!!

So Railton’s topiary is constantly being added to, and visitors get to see the whole process when visiting town, from seeing the initial frame work in place to getting and idea of how the concept of topiary growing works with topiary to view at various stages right through to fully grown.  Ruth Beaumont propagates and donates the plants to go with the free frames.

Recently Micky & Minny were put in beside the Railton Pizza Shop (Supreme Pizza).  Mark and his wife Viv requested the frames and the group made them – each taking several Monday nights to finish.  Neil Hurley, Beaui Beaumont, Tony Walker and Jeff Menzie did most of the building of the frames for this particular frame.  Their daughter Olivia thought they were great – but also wanted to know where Tweety Bird was!!

The Topiary Group produces a free map (printing donated by Cement Australia) depicting the locations of the topiary through the town, and it is available at most shops in Railton, or download it here from the website.

Planting a Topiary