Discover the magic of topiary at Railton, Tasmania’s “Town of Topiary”.

Railton’s topiary is one facet of the Kentish Municipality’s “Outdoor Art Gallery”.

There are many topiaries underway in various stages of growth. In many instances frames are in place to give a guide on how the topiary will appear once the plants are fully grown. Our walking guide to the topiaries in town can be picked up at shops in the main street. Come and enjoy walking around our town and watch us “grow” each visit. Topiaries are also located in private gardens and we appreciate visitors quietly viewing without entering the residences. We hope you enjoy your visit to our town.

For complimentary guided tours of the topiary for bus groups, please contact 0417 556 700.

Have a look at our town and see where the topiaries are. Railton Map on GoogleMaps

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