Railton And Districts Development Association Inc

PO Box 108, RAILTON, TAS 7305
0417 556 700 (Erin Hurley)


Who are we?

The members of the former Railton Ratepayers and Residents Association actioned the long recognised need for the organisation to modernise and become incorporated. It was also recognised that incorporation would give the association more autonomy and the advantage of being able to apply for grants in our own right and work on projects independently of any other authority.
The name was changed to the “The Railton and Districts Development Association Inc” and then in late December 2005 became incorporated.
The objectives of the association were greatly expanded at the time of the name change, and the following has been adopted as the objects of the Association:

Association Aims:

1.1 To protect and promote the welfare, interests and general well-being of the area of Railton and Districts.
1.2 To encourage, support and implement development strategies for the growth of tourism for Railton and surrounding districts
1.3 To enhance, promote, protect and preserve the social and cultural heritage of Railton and Districts
1.4 Support and promote local businesses; plan, develop and implement business strategies to encourage and enhance growth of new and existing businesses
1.5 To promote, organise and conduct fundraising activities and events
1.6 To promote an overall interest in community affairs and activities
1.7 To make representations to local, State and Commonwealth authorities, bodies, boards, councils or other entities and any non-Government entities for the promotion of the objects of the Association.

Committee & Membership:

With membership that includes representatives from Railton’s Business and the Topiary groups and the general community we look forward to the continued growth and success of our newly incorporated association.
Meetings are held at the Railton Fire Station every 2nd Thursday of the Month at 7:30pm.

The committee is made up of 4 Office Bearers and Ordinary Committee Members. You can be a member of the Association without having to be a committee member. For information on becoming a member, please contact one of the committee members.

We look forward to continuing our work within the community which has included such recent projects as the establishment of the free electric BBQ in Lions Park, “Railton’s Great Elephant Race” mural and has always the running of the “Light Up Railton Competition” at Christmas time.
We look to the future and are currently planning more projects for the year.


Topiary Frames

Working with the Railton Topiary Group representatives on the committee, the Association is inviting members of the community to put forward an idea for a topiary in their garden. The Association will make the topiary frame and supply the plants for the topiary. This will be limited initially to 10 topiary and application forms can be obtained. Conditions will apply. Assistance and advice regarding the clipping and nurturing of the plants will also be provided to get people started.


Our new Railton website is now well established, and now includes a business pages directory, community directory and more.

Railton Promotion – Southern Cross Ad

We have been working with the Apex Club of Latrobe and the Railton Business & Topiary Group on the positive promotion of Railton as a tourist destination. You may see our commercial which has gone to air in the last few months on Southern Cross promoting Railton’s topiary. We are very proud of this achievement and the feedback from our community and visitors alike has been terrific.
Our thanks to both other groups who have been working on this project with us, and also to Southern Cross for the station support they provide towards the running of the ad.
If any business or community members would like to make a donation towards the continued running of the ad, please contact any committee member for details or mail your donation to the Association’s Post Office address.

Bus Tours

RADDAi is actively supporting touring groups.
If you notice anyone looking around town that does not have a map, just let them know they can get maps from most businesses in town.

Working toward a positive future for our community.